Invest in Distressed Properties through Fix & Flip

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Investment Properties

Foreclosed property listings in hot markets are currenlty available. Private sale listings are coming soon. The proprietary Fix and Flip Investment Analyzer can be used to evaluate investment potentials of properties.

Do You Have an Investment Property to Sell?

If you have an investment-worthy property for sale you may list it on Renobits, at a fraction of cost, for a quick cash offer. Learn More...

Budget Friendly Contractors & Businesses

Finding the right contractors who understand the needs of investors is crucial to fix and flip success. Renobits brings you a massive list of contractors to help you with this task.

Are You a Contractor or Business Owner?

If you would like to work with real estate investors please create a business profile by visiting Renobits for Business web site.

Finance Your Investments

This feature is currently under business development. However, soon you will be able to shop for financing on Renobits where hard-money lenders will provide you with competitive lending options.

Are You a Lender?

If you are a lender and would like to lend to real estate investor please visit Renobits for Lenders site to learn more and to sign up.

Lower Your Renovation Cost

Lower the cost of your renovation by using surplus materials. There is no reason to pay retail prices! Browse the current listings.

Do You Have Some Left over Material?

Make a few more dollars by listing to sell your surplus materials. Start selling!

The Path to Faster & Higher Returns for Building Wealth

Find Properties


Find distressed properties and evaluate their profit potentials.

Finance Investments


Receive multiple competitive offers from lenders to finance your projects.

Fix the Property


Budget and plan to fix the property. Find contractors and materials, and track your costs.

Sell Investments


Increase your profits by listing your properties at a fraction of cost.*