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Press Release June 2, 2020


Niakam Kazemi
Renobits, Inc.

Renobits releases its enhanced services tailored to novice and savvy real estate investors

Redesigned information architecture and incorporated additional data sources to get Renobits closer to an all-in-one place for investing in real estate through fixing and flipping houses.

Maryland, USA June 2, 2020 – Renobits.com enhanced its platform by redesigning its web site, adding foreclosure listings, providing a sophisticated interactive investment analyzer, and including a database of investor-friendly contractors to better help real estate investors find, analyze, fix, and flip residential properties. With these enhancements site visitors are able to quickly find new investment opportunities and interactively analyze their investment potentials.  In addition, they can find investor-friendly contractors for their projects.

“The latest features and enhancements came out of hundreds of hours of discussions, analysis of user interactions with the site, and users’ feedbacks. We simplified user interactions with the site, got rid of less essential features, and more importantly added many new features that directly help users with the investment process. We are very happy with the results and we believe that once the users try the new features, they would agree with us. Of course, we are still constantly working to implement new features and the work that has been accomplished is just a start.” said Niakam Kazemi, the founder of Renobits.

Renobits has made its features more available to all site visitors by not requiring the visitors to sign up for an account. Account sign up is only necessary, if users choose to benefit from fix and flip management tools. You can visit investors web site at www.renobits.com.

About Renobits.com

Renobits.com provides a set of tools and online services designed by investors and technology professionals to enable novice and savvy investors increase their success rate and maximize their returns on investments (ROI.)

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