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Press Release Feb 6, 2018


Niakam Kazemi
Founder & CEO
Renobits, Inc.

RenoBits.com to Offer Powerful, Easy to Use Platform That Will Redefine Home Ownership, House Renovation, and Property Investment – For ALL

Maryland, USA February 6, 2018 – Finally, an online homeownership management, house renovation, and property investment toolset that can be easily accessed and even more easily operated through a standard internet connection – Renobits.com

As the housing market begins to steady, homeowners and real estate investors alike are focused on financial stability and return on investment (ROI). Whether you are looking to begin a DIY home project, a larger remodel, or even investing in a property to renovate and sell, RenoBits.com offers all capabilities that you need to establish a budget, track the cost and progress, and get insights to assure a successful outcome.

During a recent conference call, Renobits.com founder, Niakam Kazemi shared the driving force for this exciting project. “I myself had done a few DIY home projects in the past, but things all changed when I decided to purchase and renovate an 80-year old home.” Kazemi went on to add, “the process of renovating a home or even simply managing the costs of your current home, offers many challenges along the way. Being able to address all requirements properly, and in the right sequence, will go a long way to providing a high ROI. Renobits is designed to be intuitive and easy to use – helping people to navigate the path to project success.”

Renobits.com is firmly planted within a social environment that leverages a “like-minded community” that allows for honest idea and knowledge sharing. Members can post videos and pictures of their projects (no matter the scope or size) and document their story for the community in order to receive feedback and to create an ever-growing repository of useful and relevant information. The site also supports the selling of leftover materials and other home items.  Many exciting features such as providing mechanisms to find investment grade properties and alternative ways to fund investment projects are on the development pipeline.

If an individual wishes to take advantage of the many useful and powerful features provided by RenoBits.com, they must register for a personal membership. The good news here is that as a special promotional offer, for a limited time, all memberships are FREE. “Our goal is to give access to as many people as possible, so that they might begin to use and experience our service offerings, thus making our community much larger and stronger. We believe that using is believing,” added Niakam.

To review Renobits.com, or to sign up for your FREE membership today, please visit: www.renobits.com

NOTE: Although RenoBits.com is not initially designed to generate revenue for itself, the site’s creator, Mr. Kazemi is quick to add that “there are future plans to buildout the platform based on industry trends, and to incorporate for fee services – but only when appropriate.”

About Renobits.com

Renobits.com is an online service that leverages the power of information technology and social networking to eliminate the inefficiencies in the traditional methods of home renovation and real estate investing. Our members use RenoBits.com to be in control of their renovation and investment projects and to maximize the return on their investments (ROI). They also use Renobits.com to share their success stories and their invaluable experiences with others.

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