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Press Release June 9, 2020


Niakam Kazemi
Renobits, Inc.

Renobits releases Contractors 123, a new online service for finding local contractors and professionals

Renobits launches contractors123.com, an online directory service for finding contractors and professionals as a user-friendly alternative for homeowners and an affordable advertising alternative for contractors.

Maryland, USA June 09, 2020 – Renobits.com launched a streamlined online directory service to help homeowners find professionals for home improvement and repair projects. Using this service, on one hand, a homeowner can find a list of professionals with just specifying a specialty and a location. On the other hand, a professional can establish an online presence without the need for creating and maintaining a web site. In addition, they can easily advertise and market their services.

“We leveraged our existing technology to deliver an easy to use and effective service to address the needs of homeowners when they want to know who to call for their needs. Many people do not want to answer many questions just to get a phone number. Not to mention the follow up calls from marketers. Of course, it would have been difficult to deliver this service without knowing about the availability of the contractors. Naturally, we also built a service for contractors to create business profiles and advertise services without incurring pay-per-click or pay-per-lead fees.” said Niakam Kazemi, the founder of Renobits.

To search for professionals, visitors do not need to provide any information beyond specifying a specialty and the general area in which the work is needed. The site is mobile-friendly, which means one fewer app to download on mobile phones. Homeowners can access the site at www.contractors123.com and professionals can use business.contractors123.com to enroll and create their business profiles. A great future for contractors is that they can specify if they would like to work with real estate investors, in which case they will also be included in the search results on Renobits for Investors site at www.renobits.com.

This service is currently fully delivered and supported in California, USA. Renobits is expanding the service to other states in the coming months.

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